July 2013

NEW OFFICE LOCATION!!!! Cosmos has extended services in the Cleveland, OH  

As Cosmos continues to branch out within the tri-state, office space was acquired in the Cleveland area. The office is located in Cleveland’s Historic Gateway Neighborhood within the City Club Building at “The Club Level” located at 850 Euclid Avenue. The new office will be open for business August 5th, 2013. Our new office is just a few blocks from Playhouse Square and Public Square and other historic architectural attractions that make having an engineering firm here innovating and exciting!  We look forward to providing the Cleveland area with our top quality services to the total satisfaction of our clients.



Center Avenue Storm Sewer Separation, City of Pittsburgh, PA

On behalf of Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) and Sports & Exhibition Authority (SEA), Cosmos performed the design of the storm sewer separation along Centre Ave. between Crawford St. and Washington Place. The project has been developed through close coordination with PWSA & SEA as part of the overall infrastructure development plan for the Lower Hill Redevelopment Project (the former Civic Arena site).

The initial phase will provide separate storm sewer connection points (stub-outs) to allow easier direct connection as future phases of new infrastructure construction progresses within the former Pittsburgh Penguins Civic Arena site. The project is an important segment of a new separate stormsewer system that will be ultimately constructed to extend upstream and downstream of the site to mitigate flows within currently existing combination sewers. The segment along Centre Avenue is designed to accommodate future planned flows as modeled in the City’s balanced water model as provided by the PWSA.

Some project constraints include

  • large initial injected flows from upstream areas to be carried through the project site which lies near the bottom of its associated watershed
  • existing utilities (water, gas, electric, storm, sanitary and combined sewers) that need to remain in-service and protected during separation
  • coordination with local agencies and public residents

minimize street closures, trenching, and reconstruction

PWSA Storm Water Study, City of Pittsburgh, PA

On behalf of Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA), Cosmos is collectively working with ARCADIS in determining the best management approach to property connections and evaluating integrated green infrastructure approaches and low impact development, low cost sustainable solutions associated with neighborhood facilities. This study will incorporate a number of planning tools and concept-level design elements to meet the City’s combined sewer separation goals as part of the current consent decree agreement between the City and the Environmental Protection Agency. Areas identified as candidate solution sites for the various solution types will be identified for future detailed analysis and potential detailed design.


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